How did we get to this point?  Why Haiti?  Why Navajo Nation?  It’s been a long road for us…in fact, about 2 years.  You see, last summer a small group of us were supposed to go to Satillo, Mexico on a Mission Trip.  The trip condinator canceled the trip last spring due to the danger of crossing the border into Mexico.  It was canceled at such a  late date that we were unable to make other plans.  “Ok,” we thought, “No big deal.  We’ll just go next year and take even more people!.”  Wrong.

Over the last several months we have seen that there may be a chance of the trip getting canceled again, so we decided to make other plans to ensure that we were able to share God’s love and gift of salvation with the world this summer.  And so our new trips were booked. 

Going to Haiti will be Denver and Greg.  Going to Navajo Nation will be Sheryl, Joy, Bethany and Marcia.  We are all very excited and nervous and anxious.  We are sure that God is going to use us…that we will be stretched…and bruised…and lifted up too.  We are going to be weak so He can be strong.  We are going to love the lost and break bread with brothers and sisters.  It’s amazing to think that as high as our expectations are…that God is going to exceed them.  We can’t wait!